Contribution to Global Events


CSA Annual Meeting


Shaping the future of car-sharing

The 7th annual Carsharing Association conference will take place on May 18th and 19th 2017 in the vibrant and innovative city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada! Every year, 200 delegates from 20 countries take part in this event, dedicated exclusively to the carsharing industry.

The conference brings together the people who work hard day in day out to make carsharing a very real and viable mobility option and acts as a think-tank to move carsharing forward.

Global Public Transport Summit

May, 2017


A unique, global platform for public transport professionals to take the lead in urban mobility

The Global Public Transport Summit is a unique event that covers all urban and regional transport modes. It combines a full program of congress sessions with an exhibition of the latest solutions, innovations and products in public transport and urban mobility.
The Summit itself has a long history, dating back to 1886. Once known as the UITP World Congress & Exhibition, today the event is considered the not-to-miss occasion for the international public transport community, transport ministers, mayors, industry CEOs and urban visionaries to debate and explore the strategic vision and business activities of the sector.

Global Transport Hackaton

May, 2017


The first ever global transport hackathon in the framework of the world’s oldest and largest sustainable mobility event

The Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation (, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) (, its members and other stakeholders, and following a long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Lab series, is promoting the organization of local transport hackathons around the world, by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies (ICTs) in collaborative environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.

Maas Market -2017

March, 2017


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – the future of transport, from Concept to Delivery

MaaS Market is a two-day, international, senior-level conference for all organisations with an interest in putting into practice alternative forms of mobility, or Mobility as a Service – that is to say, new ways of getting people to their destination and new ways for them to pay for transport services.

It takes place in London on March 22 and 23, 2017 and is the first of a limited number of global conferences and networking events for executives and senior managers in the transportation and ITS industry on the development of MaaS, focusing on key strategic, technological and business-critical issues.

Cambridge Transport Hack

February, 2017


It’s time to Change transport in Cambridge!

Over the weekend of February 25th and 26th, a swarm of hackers got together in Cambridge to collaborate, experiment and innovate to address the challenge of congestion in our city. Participants learnt new skills, met great people and leading companies.

The aim of the event was to push participants boundaries and realise an awesome new project. The event was not all about coding and technical solutions but also coming up with new business ideas and design strategies.

Nordic EV Summit -2017

February, 2017


Learn from the Norwegian EV success story

Norway is a renowned world-leader in establishing a predictable and ambitious EV policy framework. Nordic EV Summit 2017 will focus on creating green jobs in a new market for smart electric mobility. How can policy makers on national and local level support market introduction of electric vehicles and related infrastructure? What is the best business model for charging infrastructure? How will the EV technology look like in the future? Learn from the Norwegian and Nordic experience!

Nordic EV Summit 2017 will gather policymakers from national and local authorities in the Nordic countries. The Summit will be an important networking arena for stakeholders in the Nordic and other European countries. You will also get updates on how Nordic industry, research communities, policymakers and citizens together can create a sustainable mobility sector.