We Deploy Sustainable Mobility in Developing Cities

With headquarters in Cambridge, U.K., and offices in Quito, Ecuador; eTran works to enable the flow of best practices, knowledge and technology to accelerate the adoption of Sustainable Mobility models. We engage public and private stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to ramping pollution and traffic problems in developing cities. We develop practical mobility solutions that turns electric public transportation into a plausible and attractive alternative to single-occupancy particular vehicles

Current Projects



Simple, yet powerful. Electric vehicles exhibit their greatest benefits in commercial, use-intensive activities. Price is still a barrier for wide adoption; eTran has devised an approach to tackle it.

EVSE Network

No more range anxiety. Sufficient and capable charging stations to support a growing fleet of e-Taxis and private EVs. Strategically located in public areas and commercial establishments.


It is maybe one of the most powerful trends in public transportation. Fills the gap left by the buses and the taxis. Some say it will totally replace traditional bus routes within the next decade.